Why Automation is on BOOM for the Healthcare Industry

AI has planted its roots in our lives since years ago. And its process of cutting down human resources have been carried out at a very fast pace. However the basic mission of AI is to bring about an ease in the life of humans by automating human tasks and making them fast, efficient and error free.


Development is marching Forward at a considerable pace,

We witness its footprints when we look at Technology and its advancements over the years.


We all are well aware that we live in an IT driven world.

Moreover, the use of IT is more visible to us in automation of our day to day activities. Organisations have started using IT derivative known as software to manage their processes in an error free manner and are also able to focus on expansion while not having the risk of much human resource to handle a huge complex data.


Business organisations across all sectors use software solutions that help in the automation of various administrative, management and other processes.

The demand for automation in the specific processes reflects with the competition of corresponding software providers in the market.


The highest being the Human resource management with 17.8% share of the software market in india. Human resource management industry was at the boom in the past few years, the introduction of automation in this industry has strangely increased the demand for its users.


The second leader being the Customer Relationship Management and Sales management with 15.5% of the market share. The automation of Customer relations and sales is a vital complaint for an organisations growth and it also puts focus on other valuable data that helps business change the tables.


Hospitals, clinics, laboratory systems hold a market of more than 6.4%.

The nature of processes in a healthcare organisations is Highly Crucial and Confidential, and Automation with the help of AI provides for an aid to all the  needs of the Healthcare industry.

Hence, Software systems designed to help healthcare providers to manage their processes are in a great demand. As the healthcare  management industry is the most complex one, with processes that need perfection because of their relation to the end customer that is the patient. Hospitals, clinics and labs have systems that are designed to automate such complex processes with an ease, eradicating all the manual errors and helping the healthcare providers serve the patients much better.

Due to the classified and highly critical nature of the data the growth in the market has been steadier. There are still certain gaps which the healthcare providers are not able to fill to get all the processes on the digital platform.

However the adoption for software in the Healthcare Industry is increasing on a very fast pace and the software providers in the market serving Healthcare are witnessing the BOOM period.



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